Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Meet Dodger

Hello, there.  I know that I will get the knack of blogging.  Until then, here is a belated post about our beautiful weekend.

The husband and I started the weekend off at the dog park.  We don't have a yard yet, so we try our best to take Georgia Bee to the park at least three times a week.  It gets her tired out long enough for us to do our own thing and it makes her so happy.  Who could lose?  We met so many wonderful dogs but Georgia really attached herself to a little Boston Terrier boy named Dodger.  Seeing as that I have obsessed with getting another dog for her and a Boston being the main choice I was ecstatic.

Aren't they perfect?  A little Boston boy is going to make a perfect brother for Georgia.  

After the park we took Georgia home.  When she laid down for a nap we were off across the river to East Nashville.  The husband took me to Five Points Pizza in the center of town.  We ended up sharing the Greek pizza and garlic knots which I highly recommend.  

We packed up lunch and walked around Five Points.  There are too many good things about East Nashville.  It's the perfect Saturday adventure with amazing places to eat and fun things to discover.  There are far too many things to put in just one post so I'll just post this wonderful brick-a-brack tree house behind a couple of buildings.  I can only hope that we will have something similar in our future dream home to be an escape nook. 

We ended the weekend with some fresh flowers from Trader Joe's, homemade rolls from a yeast that has been in my family since the 40s, and a well deserved nap.  I can only hope that your weekend was just as nice.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Daydreaming on a Sick Day

Today I didn't feel so well.  Mid day I could feel a fever flaring up but I plowed through the rest of work.  To combat the icky feeling, I found myself daydreaming of all the things I had rather be doing during the day:

Sipping on some extremely hot tea.  

Cuddling in bed with Georgia and this pillow.

Enjoy the soft crackle and glow of candlelight.

And dosing to the smooth sounds of Etta James.

:: Gorgeous tea image via Elephantine.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Day One

Welcome!  My name is Nicole and this is Monday Mint, my blog about the things I make and things that make me happy.  Monday Mint means the beginning of something fresh and new.  I created Monday Mint based on my esty shop to showcase my art and sell fun and unique scarves that I weave on my little Leclerc table loom.

 A Little Bit About Me:

I'm an artist who lives in Nashville, TN.  I am always trying to hone in my craft of weaving on my loom, create new art, and learning new ways of making things.  I love to cook, explore our city and new ones with my husband, and playing with my dog Georgia. Just a couple of things that I am obsessed with include candles, tea and coffee, being organized, and try to maintain beauty and grace in my life.

Stop by anytime to see what's going on.